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17 October 2005 @ 12:41 am
[LOG] - Datapair <3 Part II  
Characters: Inui Sadaharu and Yanagi Renji
Date: After the two finish moving in to their new apartment
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cause it was too long for one post. XD

Inui looked up at the sky, where the moon and starts hung clearly, no clouds in sight. Yes, it was indeed rather late. Thank goodness it was a weekend and he didn’t have work tomorrow. Although for this, he would have quit them both in an instant.

Renji’s hand, still clasped tightly in his own, he started walking down the street towards the nearest subway station, “I suppose we should be heading back.” He agreed, “It’s getting colder out, I wouldn’t want you to catch anything.”

"Me? What of you?" Yanagi chided gently, moving closer to Inui absently. It was a natural reflex; one he didn't even realize that he was doing. It was nice to be able to just let himself go, allow his emotions to take reign and do the things he'd longed to do for so long. Like hold Sadaharu's hand as they walked, not caring in the slightest what anyone might say about them or think.

“I had a glass of ‘juice’ this morning, Renji. I should be immune to most colds and bugs for at least another four hours.” Inui stated, his data instincts resurfacing momentarily.

He also moved closer to Yanagi, until their sides almost touched as they walked down the street. “You really should start drinking it too.” He suggested.

Yanagi was silent for a good five minutes after Inui spoke. He finally turned his gaze onto his best friend, an eyebrow raised upwards in inquiry. "Perhaps. That all depends on whether or not your juices have improved since we were children. If not, I'm afraid I'll have to decline."

Inui felt somewhat insulted, “There was nothing wrong with them to begin with, Renji, and the formula has improved greatly since junior high. I’ll have to fix extra tomorrow morning and let you try some.” His glasses glinted for a second, but it could have just been the result of a nearby streetlamp.

"I was referring to when we were children, actually." Yanagi arched an eyebrow at the other and shook his head. "Perhaps another time, Sadaharu. I'm not really one for juices." The moment he actually agreed to drink one of Inui's juices, someone kill him, please.

Inui pouted. Well, after tonight, he had all the time in the world to bring Renji around.

His mind did a double take on that last thought, and he smiled and honest, warm smile. Yes, they did have all the time in the world now to be together. “Ah, there’s the subway station.” He said, steering the two of them towards the steps of the entrance.

"Ah, good." Yanagi smiled briefly at Inui before heading into the subway station. He checked the schedule on the wall; it would be a good fifteen minutes before the next train.

Inui noticed this as well. The subway wouldn’t be as crowded this time of night so once their tickets were bought, he glanced back and forth looking for an empty bench where the two of them could sit until the train arrived.

Yanagi sat next to his friend once they found an empty bench, which wasn't hard. The station was all but deserted; there appeared to be only a few people around besides themselves.

This fact actually worried Inui. Despite how often he used the subway, both for work and school, he had never been at the station this late. At least, not without a large group with him. He checked his watch, trying to hide his unease, hoping the train would arrive soon.

Instinctively, he moved closer to Yanagi, despite the fact that they had the whole bench to themselves.

Tilting his head to the side, Yanagi watched Inui out of the corner of his eye. He seemed nervous for some reason. Then again, the station was awfully deserted. It did seem rather odd.

A loud nice sounded and he turned to look. His eyebrow shot up, seeing a rather large group of teenagers walking towards them. They were very loud and obnoxious.

Inui noticed them as well. He looked around in alarm, hoping to spot a security guard, or anyone at all. The few people he had seen when they had entered the station, however, seemed to have already disappeared.

And we’re considered the intelligent ones…..

He reached over and gripped Yanagi protectively, hoping that the teens would just keep walking.

Glancing at Inui, Yanagi frowned slightly before turning his head to glance at the group of boys again.

One of the taller youths poked his friend and they all stopped, staring at the two college students on the bench. A look of disgust crossed the features of one of them as they moved closer to where Yanagi and Inui sat alone.

Inui’s mind calculated how long it would take the two of them to run across the station to the exit, but the group was too close now. Any hope of escape was slim, especially considering how tired the two of them were after a long night out. Still, he had to try.

He squeezed Yanagi’s shoulder, silently urging his friend to stand up and start moving away from the group that was now closing in on them, menacingly. His own calculations raced through his head and it did not look good. Even if they were to run, the younger boys would catch up to them easily.

There had to be some way out of this predicament. The trouble was, he didn't see any way out of it.

Nodding wordlessly, Yanagi came to his feet and moved quickly next to Inui. He certainly didn't like the look of how things were going for them. And the night had started out so well too. But he wouldn't allow these others to hurt Inui, no matter what.

The same line of thought was running through Inui’s mind. He refused to let anything happen to Yanagi, especially now that they had finally realized how much they meant to each other. He continued to back the two of them towards the exit, realizing as the teens started to break apart to surround them that it was probably hopeless. He tried to hide the worry he was feeling as he pulled Yanagi closer to him. “Stay near me, Renji.”

Tugging Inui with him, Yanagi mentally cursed their luck. They were soon surrounded, with no chance of escape. This was so not good. He looked to Inui before he squared his shoulders and turned a glare onto the boys. "You wanted something?"

Behind his glasses, Inui’s eyes widened at Yanagi’s bold question. He hoped that the boys wouldn’t be angered by it, they looked like a volatile bunch. Moving his head back and forth, he tried to keep all the teens within his line of sight, weary for any sudden movements.

There weren’t any, at least not yet. Despite having surrounded them, the boys were otherwise keeping their distance. Yanagi’s question also went unanswered, which Inui was inwardly thankful for. Considering the hateful glares the group was casting in the pairs direction, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear an answer.

Yanagi wasn't sure he wanted to hear the answer either. He took a momentary step back, the hate and hostility that came off of the boys was not something he was used to.

It was at that moment that they struck. Inui caught movement out of the corner of his eye and quickly grabbed onto Yanagi’s shoulders, pulling his friend close to him as the group closed in.

There were too many of them. He couldn’t compete with their strength.

He felt Yanagi ripped from his arms. “Renji!”

"Sadaharu!" Renji called out to Inui before doubling over in pain as he was punched in the stomach. Falling to his knees, he gave another cry as he curled up into a ball, random kicks to his chest, back and head blinding him.

It was too much for Inui to stand. He struggled wildly, held back by two of the teens not participating in the beating. “RENJI!” he shouted, hearing Yanagi’s screams. He hated feeling so helpless. Why couldn’t he be the one on the floor?

He growled under his breath, trying again to break free. There had to be something he could do!

That was when he heard the sound of more people running in their direction.

"Come on guys, its the cops!" One of the teens poked one of his friends before turning and running in the opposite direction of the noise.

Yanagi bit his lip, wincing at the pain as he was kicked a few more times, nasty comments escaping from his assailants before they all turned and fled.

In an instant the arms holding him back loosened their grip, and Inui rushed forward, kneeling down at Yanagi’s side. Yanagi looked up into his eyes and he thanked whatever gods he knew of that his dear friend was still conscious.

Reaching down to brush away several strands of hair our of Yanagi’s face, parts of which looked to be turning a deep shade of purple, Inui hardly noticed when a number of security guards surrounded them, asking if they were alright. Things were starting to look blurry, and he wondered if he was going to pass out. Then Inui realized it was just the tears.

"Sadaharu..." Yanagi groaned the other boy's name, wincing in pain. The night had been so wonderful...why did this have to happen? "I'm sorry..." he reached out, ignoring the pain to brush at the tears that fell down Inui's cheeks. He must not blame himself for what happened.

Inui took Yanagi’s hand in his and genteelly lowered it down. “You shouldn’t try moving Renji.” He whispered, seeing pain that crossed his friend’s face just from that simple gesture.

He finally realized that one of the security officers was shaking his shoulder, asking what had happened. He blinked up at them, but refused to leave his place at Yanagi’s side, explaining their situation from his kneeling position on the floor.

The officer nodded, instructing other officers over the intercom to be on the look out for the group of boys. He tried to arrange an ambulance, but Yanagi refused, shaking his head adamantly. The last thing he wanted was to go to a hospital.

The officers grudgingly allowed them to leave, but only after insisting that one of their cars take them home, and as long as Yanagi could walk on his own, which Yanagi was determined to do.

Inui himself wasn’t sure if Yanagi was in any condition to walk either, but he could see the determination in his friend’s eyes, and decided to let him try. The trip back was quiet, both of them relieved that their ordeal was over. Halfway through the ride, Inui found his hand reaching over to take hold of Yanagi’s. He held it tightly, but carefully, until the car came to a stop in front of their apartment building.

It didn't really matter to Yanagi if he fell on his face when they got in, just as long as the officers didn't see him do it. He wasn't going to go to the hospital and ruin what had been a good night for them.

Determined, he gave Inui a weak smile before making his way into the apartment building, though it was very slowly.

Inui kept a close eye on Yanagi, staying close enough to catch his friend if he stumbled, as it looked like he might do at any moment. To his relief or disappointment, he wasn’t sure which just yet, Yanagi made it into the building and into their apartment without incident and the police officers left once the door was closed.

Not allowing for any argument, Inui led Yanagi into the bedroom and laid his friend down of the comforter. If Yanagi wasn’t going to go to the hospital, he was going to get some rest here at least.

Once inside the apartment, Yanagi slumped slightly, allowing Inui to take care of him. It wasn't often that he'd do that, but his entire body hurt like hell.

He groaned, laying down on the soft comforter with a sigh. His chest was protesting a bit, but it wasn't like he'd expected anything less. Especially not after what had happened earlier. Opening his eyes, he smiled softly at Inui.

“Are you sure you’re alright, Renji?” Inui asked, noticing how Yanagi’s breathing seemed somewhat labored. He knelt down next to the bed, leaning over to see just how badly Yanagi had been hurt. “You don’t think you have any serious injuries, do you?”

He walked quickly over to the bathroom, digging out some bandages and antiseptic. There were some nasty scrapes and bruises on Yanagi’s face and the last thing he needed after all of this was an infection.

Hmm...I don't think so. I'm just very sore right now. Aside from the cuts and bruises, of course." Yanagi admitted, wincing at the antiseptic. Damn, but that stuff stung like hell!

Smiling, he shook his head with a sigh. "You're too good to me, Sadaharu. Thank you. I'm sorry any of that had to happen. Things had been so nice up until then."

“Too nice? Hardly. And don’t be sorry Renji. You are the last one to blame in this situation.” Inui finished his last sentence darkly, thinking about the teens and their cruelty. “And besides, no matter what happened, we’re here right now, and I wouldn’t have given this night up for anything.” He placed the antiseptic off to the side, once he was sure he had cleaned all of Yanagi’s visible wounds.

“You should get out of those clothes. They’re dirty and probably uncomfortable, are they not?”

"I suppose you're right," Yanagi grimaced slightly. It would be better for his injuries anyway. He blinked once, a slight flush coming to his cheeks as he stared at Inui. Giving a nod, he kept his gaze on the sheets as he started to unbutton his shirt.

Inui himself was torn between turning away while Yanagi changed, or helping his friend to get his clothes off. Despite the strong front he was putting up, Inui was certain Yanagi must have still been hurting from the beating he had just received.

Following some deliberation, and the slight reddening of his own face, Inui bent down and reached over to help Yanagi pull the shirt off his shoulders.

Yanagi's fingers tilled, staring up at Inui in slight shock. He hadn't expected the other boy to help him with his clothes.

But all he could do was stare at Inui. He felt his shirt slip off his shoulders and his breath caught in his throat.

In took Inui a moment to notice his friend’s eyes on him and his hands stilled as he met Yanagi’s gaze.

For a moment, neither of them moved. Inui realized that he was leaning over Yanagi, and part of him wanted to pull back in embarrassment. But it was just Renji, and a more illogical part of his mind didn’t want him to move.

And, not for the first time that night, Inui chose to listen to it.

If Yanagi had been thinking clearly, his calculations would have told him to expect this. But as it was, he could just sit there, gazing at Inui silently.

He could feel his heart racing, but it didn't have anything to do with the injuries from the attack. It couldn’t have, because Inui felt his heart racing as well. Yanagi’s shirt was currently bunched up around his wrists, and Inui knew he should ask him to lift them up so he could get it off.

But his voice, most perplexing, didn’t seem to want to work at the moment. “Renji…I…..”

"I know. Me too," Yanagi admitted, not even aware that he'd said anything. He just stared at Inui, feeling unusually nervous.

Swallowing hard, he reached out, touching Inui's cheek in wonder. He didn't know what was happening anymore, but it didn't matter. Not really. All he needed to know was here, with him now.

Inui leaned his head into the light touch, simply allowing himself to enjoy the small contact he and Renji were now sharing.

He shifted his weight, bringing one of his hands up to take Yanagi’s, genteelly pulling his friend’s hand away from his face. Bringing his head down lower, he placed a light kiss on Yanagi’s lips, going with his instincts once again.

Feeling his hear beat faster, Yanagi gazed back at Inui briefly, just before their lips met once more in the softest of kisses. A low moan escaped his lips and he leaned in, returning the kiss with one of his own.

Inui’s eyes widened behind his glasses, then slowly closed shut. Careful not to press against his injuries, Inui leaned down closer to Yanagi, never once breaking the gentle kiss they were sharing.

It had been far too long since he'd allowed himself to feel anything like this. Yanagi leaned in, pressing his lips against Inui's, encouraging the other to deepen the kiss. He hadn't realized just how long he'd been wanting this until now.

Inui hadn’t either, and as he leaned further into the kiss, bringing one hand up unconsciously to wrap around the small of Yanagi’s back, he felt a desire build up inside him like nothing he had felt before. Even as children, he had never felt this way about Yanagi, about his oldest and dearest friend.

Had he been thinking more clearly, he would probably have understood the feelings he was feeling. As it was, however, all he knew was that he didn’t want the moment to end.

Yanagi didn't want it to end, but he had to finally come up for air. Panting softly, he pulled back from the kiss, looking up and gazing softly at Inui. This certainly was not what he'd expected; but he didn't mind in the slightest.

Biting his bottom lip, he looked up at Inui, his hand cupping his Inui's cheek. Smiling softly, he pressed his nose against his friend's, his eyes drifting closed. "This is what I was afraid to tell you, Sadaharu. Do you understand now?"

Yes, he did understand. Finally. But Inui chose not to voice this revelation, instead bringing his head down to nuzzle the crook of Yanagi’s neck. Embracing the other softly, he pulled Yanagi closer, until their chests were almost pressed up against one another’s.

He hoped this was answer enough.

Closing his eyes, Yanagi leaned against Inui's strong body, resting his head on his friend's shoulders. His eyes closed, he just listened, taking in everything around them. The only thing that mattered was Inui; his heartbeat, his touch.

Inui pulled back. The room had gotten much darker. There was no reflection on his glasses to hide his eyes as they stared deeply into Yanagi’s.

He wrapped his arms around Yanagi and pulled the other man close to him, content to let the two just sit like that, together.

Content as well, Yanagi sighed softly, resting in Inui's arms. He felt safe here; but then again, he'd always felt safe with Inui. No matter what the circumstances, he'd always felt that he could come to his dearest friend.

He'd never been wrong in that, and had always looked forward to the times he'd see Inui again. Smiling softly, he wrapped his arms around Inui's neck, resting his head on the other's strong shoulder.

Taking advantage of their new position, Inui turned, pressing his face into Yanagi’s soft hair, breathing in deeply the familiar scent of his friend. He continued holding Yanagi protectively, wanting nothing more than to be there for his friend, always.

Closing his eyes, Yanagi smiled softly, moving closer to his friend. He finally pulled back a bit, his hand running over Inui's face. Smiling, he reached out and pulled Inui's glasses off, gazing into his eyes without any sort of barrier between them.

Instead of becoming blurry, Inui’s vision became so much clearer as he felt the glasses slide off his face. He gaze locked with Yanagis, and he was driven speechless by the emotion he saw in his friend’s eyes.

Smiling softly, Yanagi traced his fingers over Inui's eyebrows and down his cheek. "You should wear contacts and stop hiding your eyes."

Inui debated telling Yanagi how chemical fumes could get in behind contacts if you wore them, but decided against it. It really didn’t seem that important a thing to say at the moment. Nothing really seemed important actually, except being here, and knowing Renji was happy. “Maybe I’ll look into getting some.” He mused. After all, he hadn’t taken a chemistry class in ages it seemed.

"Hmm...but isn't that dangerous in Chemistry?" Yanagi asked, placing the palm of his hand against Inui's chest. Maybe now he could find out just what it was that was bothering his friend so much.

“Well then, why would you suggest it?” Inui countered, not quite liking where Yanagi’s question, innocent or no, could lead.

"Hmm...you did tell me you weren't taking Chemistry, though that has always seemed kind of odd to me," Yanagi admitted softly, wrapping his arms around Inui's neck. He closed his eyes and rested his head on Inui's shoulder and sighed. "I know something must have happened and you don't want to talk about it."

A pained look crossed Inui’s face although, with his head buried in his shoulder as it was, Yanagi couldn’t have seen it. “You read me too well sometimes, Renji.” Inui held Yanagi closer to him. This time, he was the one seeking comfort in his friend.

"Hmm...perhaps. But you do the same for me," Yanagi looked up, running his fingers through Inui's hair before he leaned in for a soft kiss. "Tell me when you're ready, Sadaharu. Not before."

Inui welcomed the kiss. It was a pleasant distraction, one he would have enjoyed even if his mind wasn’t currently filled with such confusion and sadness. He wanted to tell Renji what had happened, but he wasn’t sure what to say….

“I will.” He promised finally, breaking the kiss, “I’ll tell you.”

"You don't have to, you know." Yanagi could see that it was important, and hard for Inui. He didn't want to hurt him at all.

“No,” Inui bowed his head, but forced himself to raise it and look into Yanagi’s eyes once more, “I want to. You should know, and I should tell you.”

He thought back to when he had been an aid for the chemistry department at his old university. Letting out a sigh, he started telling Yanagi of the events that had let up to his unexpected transfer. “At my previous college, I worked as an aid for one of the science teachers. I did various tasks; cleaning the lab, organizing notes, even watching over the underclassmen at times. I….there was an…accident, with several students…during one of the times I had been left alone to supervise them.”

Yanagi listened silently, just reaching out and holding Inui's hand as he spoke. He didn't interrupt, waiting until he was finished to say anything. He couldn't even imagine how Inui must have felt after that. No wonder he hadn't been taking any chemistry classes.

Inui gripped Yanagi’s offered hand, finding strength to continue, “I had been grading some lab reports and while I wasn’t looking, the pair in the back apparently mixed some chemicals incorrectly. There was some shouting, and when I looked up I could see the mixture in their test tubes bubbling uncontrollably.”

He grew silent for a few moments, “I ran to the back of the room and managed to push them away in time but…” He rolled up his sleeves, revealing the remnants of the burns he had received blocking the students. They were hardly noticeable anymore, but to Inui, they would always be there, as clear as when he had first received them.

Taking a hold of Inui's arm, Yanagi ran his fingers over the scars, thinking on what he'd said. He bit his lip and nodded, before raising the arm and kissing the scars there. "That was very courageous of you, Sadaharu. You have nothing to be ashamed of and it wasn't your fault what happened."

“There was still an investigation into what had happened though. There was suspicion that I wasn’t careful enough, that I needed to watch the class properly.” Inui closed his eyes the pain and embarrassment of the entire ordeal coming back to him, “I was cleared of any charges but still….I couldn’t bring myself to show my face in the chemistry department….in that school again….”

"I'm sorry, Sadaharu. Is that why you haven't taken any chemistry classes?" Yanagi asked, wrapping his arms around Inui and holding him close. Giving comfort as much as he had received it earlier. He could only imagine what an ordeal like that must have been like. "I wish I had been there for you when it happened. I'm sorry I wasn't."

Inui nodded in answer to Yanagi’s question. “You could hardly have known such a thing would happen, Renji.” He said softly, accepting the comfort the other offered him. It hurt, a little, to recall those memories, but telling them to Yanagi….he felt like a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Or at least, it was now being shared.

He hoped Yanagi didn’t mind having to bear it with him.

Of course he didn't mind, not in the slightest. Yanagi reached out, running his fingers along the side of Inui's face. He smiled before leaning in and giving him a soft kiss. "I'm honored that you told me, Sadaharu. Thank you for that. What will you do now?"

“Start over, I suppose.” Inui answered, “I don’t know if records from the incident were transferred to Keio, I’m sure they must have been.” He paused, “As you know…I have yet to associate myself with anything involving the chemistry department. I’ve been afraid to find out what they know about me…what they think they know about me….” Such records after all, the haunted you for life.

"I know. Is it something you want to do?" Yanagi asked, idly running his fingers through Inui's black hair. He gave a sigh; he wished there was something he could do. But what could he do? "I can give you a reference if you have trouble, though I don't think you would. If you'd like...I can go with you to see the dean of the department."

“Perhaps….” Inui trailed off, “I’ve changed my major to Marketing though, there are few chemistry classes that I will need to take now. The basic level courses I took…before the incident.” He was deeply grateful to Yanagi, however, for offering to help, “Thank you, Renji, for the offer. I promise to keep it in mind.”

"Of course. I could do nothing less," Yanagi tilted his head, surprised at the change in major. Would he really be satisfied with Marketing as a major? But it wasn't his place to say yes or no to that question. Inui had to decide for himself.

Well, Marketing had been a second choice that Inui had been considering. After all, he excelled in mathematics almost as well as he did…or had…in the sciences. So far the classes he was taking for this new career track were enjoyable, only time would tell if he would come to enjoy it as much as he had his previous major.

Smiling, Yanagi pulled Inui closer, resting his forehead against his friends. "You should sleep here tonight. You know...so I'm not alone." He wasn't worried about his injuries, but he desperately didn't want to be alone, and Inui was soft and warm.

“Of course.” Inui found himself saying, slowly pressing down on Yanagi’s shoulders, still mindful of the other’s injuries, until Yanagi was lying down on his back, Inui stretched out next to him, one arm still wrapped around him protectively.

Lying down comfortably, Yanagi wrapped his own arms around Inui, holding him close. He was always warm and safe; Yanagi never had to worry about how he acted around Inui. Smiling softly, he snuggled up close to his friend.

Inui adjusted himself to make room for Yanagi to move closer, taking as much comfort from their close contact as his friend was. He lifted his free hand and started running his fingers through Yanagi’s hair, enjoying the open closeness they were sharing.

Nearly purring at the touch, Yanagi nestled himself close to Inui, his eyes closed. Sleep wanted to claim him, but he didn't fall asleep just yet. He took hold of one of Inui's hands, his fingers lacing with that of his friend's.

It was a light grip at first, but one Inui tightened, squeezing Yanagi’s hand in his own, as if making sure he was really there. With him. He leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss of Yanagi’s forehead, the hand in his friend’s hair reaching around to pull the smaller man closer.

Moving closer, Yanagi looked up and closed his eyes before he kissed Inui. There wasn't much he could do to show his affection at the moment, so he took anything he could get. He pulled back, a warm smile on his lips before he laid his head on Inui's chest and fell asleep.

Inui smiled as Yanagi’s breathing evened out, indicating that his friend had drifted off at last. That was good; Yanagi needed his rest to recover.

Smiling, Inui closed his own eyes, the feeling of Yanagi’s chest rising and falling with his own lulling him off to sleep.
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