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Rule the Court

...do you have what it takes?

A Tenipuri RP Comm
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Center Court
the story

Tokyo, Japan:

Several years have passed since the boys of Prince of Tennis played their hearts out upon the sunny courts of junior high tennis. Now young adults at various stages of their college careers, they find themselves face-to-face with old friends and rivals from their younger days. And soon enough, they will all compete against one another for the once in a lifetime chance to gain international tennis glory.

Prince, the industry leader in the development and manufacturing of tennis goods, is sponsoring a world-wide competition in their push to find the next tennis prodigy to promote for their upcoming international marketing campaign. The D.C. Classic International will attract hundreds of the finest amateur athletes from around the globe, and its winner will be awarded a lucrative sponsorship contract with Prince. Perhaps more importantly, the champion will garner unrivaled attention from the international tennis community, providing an invaluable stepping stone into the world of professional sports.

The Japan Intercollegiate Tennis Association (JITA) is determined to put Japan tennis on the global map, and has focused their attention on the Kantou region collegiate players who have been showing promise. The colleges are currently in the midst of their own intercollegiate tournaments, but under the direction of JITA, they will push their best players to compete in the highly competitive selection process for the Prince tournament.

One of the requirements set by Prince and JITA for all athletes participating in the selection process is to keep an online journal. Occasionally, certain events will be announced to the community by the moderators to move the story along. These may be social events or events related to either the collegiate or Prince tournaments. Participation in these events will be voluntary or mandatory, depending on the circumstance, and moderators will indicate such in the announcements.

Though the general backdrop of this RP is the Prince tournament, the story also revolves around the tennis boys' day-to-day lives as university students living in Tokyo. Four universities will be represented, and RPers will have the option of choosing which university to attend, and how they wish to accommodate their character's housing needs. These choices will obviously affect who their characters will be interacting with the most, and we encourage characters from different originating junior high schools to meet and RP together.

Service Line
the universities

Characters will be attending one of the following universities. All four universities are located in Tokyo, and are considered amongst the most prestigious schools in the country. Links are provided to give you more information about each school. Please indicate in your email which university you would like your character to attend. (* Please note your first and second choice schools *)

the living quarters

All characters will be living and attending college in Tokyo, Japan - a teeming metropolis of controlled chaos. RPers can choose how they wish to accommodate their characters, keeping in mind that living in the city can be very expensive, and they will be on a student budget. Characters can live either in school dormitories or their own apartments. If you wish to have a roommate, you can advertise for one in this thread, and are welcome to team up with whoever responds back to you.

Refer to this website for more information on the various districts in Tokyo and city life.

Follow Through
the rules

  • RPers can request up to 2 characters. If you wish to take on more than 2 characters, contact a moderator.

  • Please do not play other characters without their permission.

  • Try to stay in character.

  • Every player is to make a bio for their character to the character’s journal’s userinfo, including the school he attends, his living arrangements, and a little introduction of their character.

  • Be friendly and courteous to your fellow RPers.

  • Try to update your journal as much as you are able, and let us know in an OOC post if you will be away for a while.

  • There will be plotlines for the characters announced once in a while. They will be either mandatory or voluntary, and players will have to react to the mandatory plots, be it a training camp or a duty list of training camp’s chores. Voluntary plotlines can be ignored as long as it don’t complicate other’s playing.

  • This RP welcomes yaoi & het.

  • Be sure to join both rule_the_court and the comm for OOC posts, court_rules_ooc. You may also join the outtakes comm back_swing. Membering this comm is optional. Please add new character journals as they join the community. New characters should probably make introduction posts in the OOC comm when they join up.

  • All RP logs should be posted in this community with the following headings (and be sure to put everything aside from the heading under the LJ cut):

    • Characters

    • Rating

    • Timeline

    • Summary

All Rounders
the characters

Feel free to request any characters not listed here, from any school. This is just to give you a guideline. Taken characters will be so indicated.

Name LiveJournal University
Echizen Ryoma OPEN Waseda University
Tezuka Kunimitsu _zero_shiki_ Meiji University
Oishi Shuichirou _mooring Tokyo University
Fuji Syusuke wasabi_tensai Tokyo University
Kikumaru Eiji _aerialist Waseda University
Inui Sadaharu reflective_data Keio University
Kawamura Takashi
Momoshiro Takeshi
Kaidoh Kaoru bandana_baby Meiji University
Atobe Keigo _adonis Tokyo University
Oshitari Yuushi kansai_pride Tokyo University
Mukahi Gakuto salutethemoon Keio University
Shishido Ryou risingcounter Waseda University
Akutagawa Jirou _fanboy Keio University
Kabaji Munehiro
Ootori Choutarou hyoutei_angel Waseda University
Hiyoshi Wakashi
Taki Haginosuke
Sanada Genichirou _meisei Meiji University
Yukimura Seiichi _shinjitsu Keio University
Yanagi Renji yanagi_master Tokyo University
Yagyuu Hiroshi cool_sapphire Keio University
Niou Masaharu silver_reflect Waseda University
Marui Bunta sugar_fixation Keio University
Jackal Kuwahara OPEN Waseda University
Kirihara Akaya red_eye_daemon Waseda University
Tachibana Kippei
Ibu Shinji _kick_serve_ Meiji University
Kamio Akira kamio_akira_ Meiji University
Ishida Tetsu
Mori Tatsunori
Sakurai Masaya
Uchimura Kyosuke
Sengoku Kiyosumi OPEN Meiji University
Akutsu Jin OPEN Meiji University
Higashikata Masami
Kita Ichiuma
Minami Kentarou OPEN Tokyo University
Muromachi Touji
Nishikiori Tsubasa
Nitobe Inakichi
Dan Taichi OPEN Tokyo University
St. Rudolph
Mizuki Hajime _nfu Keio University
Fuji Yuuta pumpkin_twist Keio University
Kisarazu Atsushi double_spin Waseda University
Yanagisawa Shinya
Akazawa Yoshirou
Kaneda Ichirou
Nomura Takuya
Aoi Kentarou
Saeki Kojirou kojirou_saeki Waseda University
Kurobane Harukaze
Kisarazu Ryou OPEN Meiji University
Itsuki Marehiko
Amane Hikaru
Jousei Shounan
Kajimoto Takahisa OPEN Tokyo University
Kiriyama Daichi
Ota Shou
Shinjyou Reiji
Tanaka Kouhei blue_unit Tokyo University
Tanaka Youhei _youhei Waseda University
Wakato Hiroshi wakatohiroshi Meiji University

the 411
To apply:
  • Send an email to rule_the_court@hotmail.com with the following information:

    • Name:

    • Personal LJ:

    • Character requested:

    • Chatting system and ‘usernames’:

    • Preferred University (1st & 2nd choice):

    • Preferred living accommodations:

      • (dorm / apartment)

      • (single / roommate)

    • Writing sample:


Block volley
the disclaimer

Though real names and places are used in this RP, everything is obviously fictional and no affiliations exist between any of the universities, organizations or companies represented in this story.

the mods

  • Piipa (Oshitari Yuushi, Kamio Akira & Sengoku Kiyosumi): velvetsn0w (aim)

  • athena (Atobe Keigo & Yagyuu Hiroshi): shizumaru8 (aim)