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26 October 2005 @ 07:53 pm
[IM log] Cook for me  
Characters: Atobe Keigo & Oshitari Yuushi
Rating: G
Timeline: Sometime after 1st training camp
Summary: Yuushi charms Keigo into the kichen... (an IM log)

Wifey: Hello there husband of mine. ♥ Are you home already?

adonis: *chuckles* indeed i am. i like your sn very much

Wifey: I'm sure you do.

Wifey: Would you be interested in a special kind of challenge today?

adonis: special challenge? how intriguing. what exactly did you have in mind?

Wifey: Cooking, my dear. ♥

adonis: .....why was i afraid you were going to say that?

Wifey: I don't know. *chuckles*

Wifey: I'd thought you'd be intrigued by new challenges. =)

adonis: of course i am. but haven't we been through this before? i don't cook. toast and coffee are the extent of my repertoire. *smirks*

Wifey: I would teach you of course.

Wifey: Push the spatula like I promised.

adonis: ah ha. but i also said it would take more than that to get me in the kitchen. besides, i rather like the idea that you have hidden talents that elude me. shouldn't there be traits that always keep a wife slightly mysterious?

Wifey: *snort* I'd like to think the traits that keep me mysterious aren't my cooking skills.

adonis: *chuckles* true enough.

adonis: trust me when i say that your cooking is the least of the things i found so fascinating about you, dear wife.

Wifey: Dare I inquire what are the rest of the things that captures your interest in me?

adonis: do you really wish to know?

Wifey: Why wouldn't I? If I weren't eager to talk about me, myself the impression of hard earned smugness would suffer, no?

adonis: perhaps it would. and maybe that is one of the traits that fascinate me, as well.

Wifey: Which one? *chuckles* The smugness or the hard working part of it?

adonis: both. you are the only one i can think of who would consider working so hard to achieve such an end. *chuckles*

Wifey: mm... you must give the crowd what they want. =) The simple truth of show business.

adonis: show business? ah, but that is my strong suit, as well. i am well versed in giving people what they want. perhaps i learned it from you. *smiles*

Wifey: Or visa versa, dear. ♥ Isn't marriage about sharing after all?

adonis: indeed it is. i hope i have picked up on some of your more charming traits along the way.

Wifey: You posses charming traits enough already...

Wifey: *wonders how he'll be forced to fend off fanboys and -girls from our door if you'd posses more of the mentioned traits*

adonis: i suppose it's difficult to imagine how one could ever be more charming than this. *grins* but as i say, there is always room to 'shine more brilliantly everyday'

Wifey: And thus, you should learn how to cook today. ^^

adonis: *groans* don't raise your eyebrows at me, wifey...

adonis: i can hardly see how watching me burn toast would add to my charm

Wifey: Can't you?

Wifey: *smile*

adonis: perhaps that is the kind of charm that only a wife would understand

Wifey: Perhaps... ^__^

Wifey: Will you then?

Wifey: Cook for me, Keigo?

adonis: .....how can i resist, when you ask me thus?

Wifey: Easily. Just say no. ^^

adonis: i have tried, believe me. my fingers refuse to type those words, how odd.

Wifey: *chuckles* Maybe that is my charm then. =)

Wifey: So, you'll do it? ♥

adonis: as you wish.

adonis: what will you have me cook for you?

Wifey: hmm... I'll leave that as a surprise. *grin* I'll bring everything we'll need with me when I come home.

adonis: very well. i hope you are kind enough to start me off with something i can handle. either way, i'll have my cell phone handy in case we need to order some carry out at the last minute. *grins*

Wifey: I have faith in you. =)

Wifey: It's just cooking. It's easy. Don't worry about it. I'm very sure you'll do fine. =) And if not, I'll be there to hold your hand so you'll do no mistakes. ♥

adonis: *chuckles* you shouldn't say such things, yuushi. you tempt me to fail on purpose just so you can make well on your promise to hold my hand.

Wifey: You'd do such a thing?

Wifey: Why Keigo, that's a waste of perfectly good food. *chuckles*

Wifey: I'll hold your hand after and before the cooking if you like without your failing. *grin*

Wifey: All you need to do is ask. =)

adonis: then perhaps i should ask. it has already become quite clear what effect your asking has had upon me. would you find me as charmingly irresistible, i wonder?

Wifey: You doubt your charms, Keigo?

Wifey: I'm surprised. ^^

Wifey: Is this just me or do you have these insecurities with others too?

Wifey: You'd be surprised of what all I'd do for just your requesting only.

adonis: insecure...hm. i don't think so. not around others, in any case, for i'm quite confident that my public persona strikes awe in most everybody. *smirks* perhaps it is just with you, then.

adonis: oh?

adonis: what would you do by my requesting only?

Wifey: Should I be now flattered or maybe offended? *grin*

Wifey: That, Sugar, you just have to find out, don't you? =)

adonis: why would you take offense? *smiles* ah...and i had a feeling you wouldn't give me a straight forward answer. what if i started asking things of you everyday? then you wouldn't be able to complain, for you have just invited me to find out for myself, aaaaahn?

Wifey: Why would I take offence that you feel insecure with me? ^^

Wifey: I did invite, didn't I?

Wifey: Maybe I'd like you asking things from me.. hmm... ?

adonis: did i say i felt insecure with you? i guess i did. perhaps it is not insecurity at all, but rather a kind of anticipation one feels not knowing exactly what to expect. this is not necessarily a bad thing. *smiles*

adonis: and you did invite, yes. if you say it like that, i might very well ask much of you, yuushi.

Wifey: awn... I feel special. *purr* I manage to surprise you still. How clever from me.

Wifey: Hmm... you sound like you have something in your mind, Keigo.

Wifey: Do you?

adonis: do i? perhaps i do.

Wifey: ^^

Wifey: Well... I'm intrigued. ^__^

Wifey: *and hope it has nothing to do with tennis*

Wifey: *and that I find out soon enough*

adonis: *chuckles* what would you wish it to be about then, yuushi?

Wifey: hmm... What would wife want his husband to ask from him? *winks*

adonis: *laughs* definitely something outside the kitchen (though i suppose that location wouldn't be completely precluded), and something indecent?

Wifey: mm... indecent would sound like me, wouldn't it? *chuckles*

adonis: *grins* is that how you see yourself, yuushi? has any of that rubbed off on me? or from me, perhaps?

Wifey: XD

Wifey: I see where this is going Keigo. We must divorce now. In few years we don't distinguish
the difference between us anymore. :-O

Wifey: That's how people seem to see me. *shrug*

adonis: well, if you truly wish for divorce, i might grant you one, though i shall be loathe to part with you. *smiles* and who cares how people see you, yuushi? i certainly don't.

Wifey: *chuckles*

Wifey: *clings* Nooo.... How could you live without me, hmm? No Yuushi-ness and home made food everyday...

Wifey: Life wouldn't be the same without living with you. =)

adonis: *smiles* i have to admit, my heart skipped a little when you mentioned the word divorce. you shouldn't throw such words around so casually. i would miss your yuushiness terribly.

Wifey: Nobody cares. XD

And you have the best reasons for seeing me like that. X3

Wifey: compared to the other people that is.

Wifey: Awnnn... You know I wouldn't divorce from you just like that, don't you? *snuggles* ^__~

adonis: mm....well, as your husband, i would hope i do have the best reason for seeing you that way. *chuckles*

adonis: i'm glad to hear that...i will hold you to it.

Yuushi loves Keigo <3: ^_^ As my husband, I hope you see me as much more than that. *grin*

adonis: of course i do, *chuckles* i have my insight, do i not?

Yuushi loves Keigo <3: Of me, yes. That you do.

adonis: so when are you going to get your sexy ass home so i can cook for you?

Yuushi loves Keigo <3: Right away, sir!! *salutes*

adonis: *smirks* good. but don't call me sir, you know i hate that. heh.

Yuushi loves Keigo <3: This sexy ass will be there in no time, Sugar. <3

adonis: and i count the seconds until you arrive. *smiles*

Yuushi loves Keigo <3: Then I shall be very quick indeed. *chuckles*

Yuushi loves Keigo <3: *blows kisses* See you soon, Beautiful. ♥

adonis: *laughs* mmm....very soon indeed, dear wife...

To be continued...