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26 October 2005 @ 09:57 pm
[IM log] Captain of my life  
Characters: Atobe Keigo & Oshitari Yuushi
Rating: PG
Timeline: About a week following the cooking log
Summary: Yuushi inquires after Keigo's whereabouts from the night before as tensions rise...

Oshitari: Keigo?

adonis: hey there

Oshitari: still at school?

Oshitari: how are you, beautiful? ♥

adonis: yeah...i had to speak to my professor, and just thought i'd check my email really quick before leaving. and i am doing fine, yuushi. *chuckles* are you home already?

Oshitari: haven't seen you for the whole day. *chuckles* I'm starting to feel lonely.

adonis: we'll have to remedy that, won't we? i shall be home in about 20 minutes

Oshitari: I'm home, yes. Just got home actually. The test I was studying last night took a little longer than I thought.

Oshitari: Where were you last night, btw? You came home rather late.

adonis: ah...you were studying hard, i am sure you aced it, as you always do. *smiles*

adonis: oh? i was with shishido last night

Oshitari: aha..

Oshitari: And the test went just fine.

Oshitari: Are you seeing him? Like... dating and such? Shishido I mean.

adonis: i'm glad to hear it. about the exam, of course. dating shishido? *chuckles* now why would you think so, yuushi?

Oshitari: Why? Well it seems you have something going on... I was just curious what. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want. It's not my business after all..

adonis: you are my best friend and my wife, of course it is your business. *grins* actually, shishido and i have seen each other a few times... but what we made clear last night is that we are only friends.

Oshitari: friends that fool around with each others? And I guess so, I just thought you wouldn't want to say anything since ... well.. you haven't. *chuckle*

adonis: you never asked.

adonis: fool around with each other? i see nothing escapes your attention..

Oshitari: I'm an attentive guy.

adonis: that you are. why do i feel guilty all the sudden? *smiles*

Oshitari: I don't know. Why do you?

adonis: i haven't the faintest idea.

Oshitari: Why don't you see each others then? *curious* Like date and such.

Oshitari: Now that I think about it, you seem to have chemistry. *chuckle*

adonis: i wonder if it's against the rules to have a friend with fringe benefits anymore... why not date him? i'm not sure. you can say it was just a mutual decision... chemistry? me and shishido?

Oshitari: You make the rules, Keigo. And yes, I meant you and Shishido. ^^

adonis: of course, i am the rule, right? *smirks* although in seriousness, i am certain i cannot be captain of everything. and why are you saying this, yuushi?

Oshitari: Saying what?

Oshitari: And I guess you can be the captain of your own life, no?

adonis: about me and shishido. i said we were only friends, yet you seem bent on assuming otherwise

adonis: yes, captain of my own life. but not all decisions can be made unilaterally on my part, you know that

Oshitari: Saying you and Ryou have chemistry? Because I guess you do. It's rather obvious when you let yourself to see it.

I'm not assuming. ^__^;; I'm just saying you have chemistry and wondering why you're not dating.

Oshitari: aa.. right. I'm sorry. Of course. Your family wouldn't be pleased if you dated a guy?

adonis: *sighs* that may have been part of it, yes. but right now, it was mainly that we were enjoying what had as friends, and not really prepared to move it any further. and in any case, chemistry doesn't always lead to dating-- there is more to a relationship than that, is there not?

Oshitari: I'm sorry. I'm annoying you. That was not my intent.

Oshitari: So you're home soon?

adonis: i am not annoyed, i am just trying to be clear... and yes, i will be coming home soon. will you be there?

Oshitari: I'm not sure. I have things.. to take care of.

adonis: what things, yuushi?

adonis: yuushi?

Oshitari: Yeah?

adonis: are you trying to avoid me? what have i said?

Oshitari: Avoid you? I was just away for a moment... went to fetch some coffee. I'm sorry.

adonis: ....right.

adonis: so you will be home, then?

adonis: yuushi...will you be home, if i asked you to be there?

adonis: yuushi, i am going to sit here and stare at the screen until you talk to me

Oshitari: I'm here.. Sorry.

Oshitari: I guess I will stay if you ask. When have I done against something you wished?

adonis: then i ask you to stay. *smiles* thank you.

Oshitari: Yup. Alright. See you soon then, Keigo.

adonis: 20 minutes, then...

Oshitari: Yup.

To be continued...