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30 October 2005 @ 08:53 pm
[RP-log] That's no way to talk to your /lover/...  
Characters: Wakato Hiroshi & Kamio Akira
Timeline: The morning after the last log.
Rating: PG - 13 for nudity and their dirty mouths.
Summary: Wakato has made breakfast and Kamio doesn't remember what has happened.

Wakato hummed cheerily as he flipped the pancakes on his favourite non-stick pan, pausing slightly to adjust the towel around his waist. He'd just woken up on a bright Friday morning, rolled out of bed and into the shower, and was currently making breakfast for both himself and his roommate.

He poured orange juice into two glasses, put the pancakes onto a plate, piled everything onto a tray, and headed towards their bedroom.

"AKIRA~!" he bellowed, kicking open the door. "I made breakfast~!"

Kamio cracked open one eye and winced from the bright light, the killer headache of the century already tackling him. “Princess-fucking-senpai…” he growled darkly, turning his face to the pillow and tried to ease down his stomach that was turning around wildly.

“Can’t you keep your voice down?” he muttered into the pillow that smelled oddly of the older boy.

Not minding the headache or the growing nausea within him, the redhead lifted his head from the pillow and stared down at the linen. Why the hell there was different pair of linen in his bed that had been the day before? He only got two pair of them so he knew exactly how they looked like, and these weren’t either one of them.

“What the hell?”

"Akira, I'm wounded." Wakato mimed being stabbed through the heart, putting the breakfast tray down next to his bed as he went. "And to think... last night you were /ever/ so nice to me."

He leaned down and stole a kiss from Kamio's lips, grinning widely. "That's no way to talk to your /lover/..."

Blinking wildly, the headache and nausea forgotten for a moment, Kamio just stared at the older redhead.

Had Wakato went mad during the night? That wouldn’t have surprised Kamio /that/ much after all.

“…Lo-lover?” he whimpered silently. What the hell was the stupid fuck thinking? He cleared his throat and pushed Wakato irritably away. “I’m not your fucking lover, idiot!”

But his growl was stopped in the middle as some weird memories, fuzzy and unclear, attacked his mind. He remember how Wakato’s skin tasted, how the other purred deep within his throat, how his hands on Kamio’s skin felt.

How… /Why/ did he know these things?

Wakato grinned. How he /did/ love watching Kamio squirm. He leaned over the other boy, casually pulling his blanket down to reveal all the hickeys across his chest.

"Oh?" he grinned. "So what are you doing in my bed, then? And with all these marks?"

Wakato ran a hand through Kamio's hair smugly. "You weren't protesting at all last night, Akira. In fact, I believe you /were/ the one telling me you "wanted me"..."

“…” Kamio stared at his own chest with wild eyes, everything swirling within his mind too fast, around and around again. “… I’m… We.. did we… “ he stammered awkwardly.

Oh god! He felt sick. The nausea coming back with more force than earlier as Wakato’s words finally locked into place.

He had to get away!

Jumping to his feet, uncaring of the older redhead who was crouched over him, almost knocking him down, he bolted first just to get away from the burning touch of the other’s fingers and then towards the bathroom.


Locking the door behind him, Kamio made it to the WC-seat with wobbling legs and sat down swallowing hard. Had he had sex with Wakato? Danced the horizontal mambo with his senpai? The memories were fuzzy… Did he want to remember?

The idea shot a forceful shiver running down his back and all the way down to his hips, leaving as a growing burning there. Or it could have been the cold air at his bedwarm skin. Yes, that it was!

"..." Wakato slapped a hand over his mouth as he tried to hold back his laughter. Really, that Akira was just /too/ much fun.

He padded over to the bathroom and rapped on the door. "Kamio, get the hell out of there," he yelled. "Nothing happened, okay?"

"We were about to fuck and you passed out," he continued, crossing his arms over his chest. "Too bad for you, though-- I was too much of a gentleman to do your lifeless ass. You missed out on special shit, babe."

That did it! Kamio had stood up when Wakato came behind the door, he stood, leaning to the sink with his hands and stared at himself from the mirror’s reflection, eyes bloodshot and hair messed up, the purple lovemarks trailing down his chest…

He could see the temper flaring within himself, his blueberry eyes darkening dangerously by the second and he knew already he was going to feel so drained after the fit but couldn’t stop himself from storming out of the bathroom. The turning of the lock giving Wakato just enough time to move backwards so that they door didn’t bang open to his face but instead met the firm surface of the wall.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Kamio demanded as he pushed the older redhead against the opposite wall in the hallway, still gloriously naked and pissed off like all hell. “My lifeless ass, huh? You do shit like that, Princess-senpai?” he spit out the last word like a curse out of his mouth. Why did Wakato’s teasing get to him like this? He had no idea but he felt out of control around the older redhead and he didn’t like it.


Wakato went from rapping on the door to pressed against the hallway's far wall, Kamio's gloriously naked body warm and fitted against his form. The other boy was pissed, livid practically, and in the heat and tension of the moment, Wakato couldn't help but grin.

"You must really like me to get so worked up," he said somewhat goofily.

Then he moved his face forward and kissed Kamio full on the lips.

Gah! His instincts screaming to answer to kiss with heated bite, Kamio refused to give in but instead pulled away and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand angrily.

“Fuck you,” he hissed and back into the bedroom and to his closet. He had to get out of the apartment. Pulling out jeans and t-shirt, he threw the clothes to his bed. He would have to shower first.

Shit, his hands were shaking from the tension.

Just… Fuck!

Wakato sighed. Perhaps he'd gone too far this time...?

He padded silently to the kitchen and put the rest of the pancakes into a bento, snapping the lid shut with a yawn. It really was too early in the morning for this...

"Oi," he said, walking over to Kamio with the bento in hand. "If you're leaving, at least take some of the breakfast I made with you."

He tossed his hair and did his best to /sparkle/ in the dull morning light. "Be grateful I made you breakfast, brat," he said. "I'm an excellent cook."

And without waiting for an answer, he put the bento on Kamio's beside table and got his breakfast tray back. He'd already made the damned thing, he might as well camp in front of the television this morning and enjoy it...

Kamio bit his lip but refused to turn to look after the older redhead. Shit! He had been angry only a moment ago, now he was feeling so guilty it was about to turn his stomach inside out.

“…Oh for fuck sake,” he growled and turned around violently, stepping to Wakato and turning the other around. He didn’t have time to think what he was doing his roommate was balancing with the tray in his hands, wobbly legged Kamio mandhandling him around and there he was: mouth curving into frustrated snarl and brows furrowing; Wakato had the most piercingly green eyes as Kamio had ever seen when the other was angry.

He wiped all that from his mind and leaned in to kiss the other’s lips carelessly. The guilt within him fainting a little with the confused expression on Wakato’s face. “Thank you, “ Kamio murmured almost shyly before turning away as quickly as he had come. He escaped towards the bathroom with little pink hue coloring up his cheeks.

Fuck his live was messed up!
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kamio_akira_kamio_akira_ on October 30th, 2005 07:01 pm (UTC)
Really? I still keep remembering the first proper YukiRenji log we did in usa. *chuckles* With hissing uke!fits and clueless Renji. :D

Though, I can't deny the fascination of WakatoKamio madness. :3 Because they just seem to enjoy the tormenting too much.
athena: d1: gropeathena8 on October 30th, 2005 07:42 pm (UTC)
lifeless ass XDD

Saritsuboshiyui on October 30th, 2005 08:23 pm (UTC)

This is too great omg XDD

And yes Kamio >D your life is messed up *pinches his cheeks*